You said you posted a new page but I can only see the previous update!
Try hard-refreshing your browser (shift + f5 in Chrome.) If that doesn’t work, clear your browser’s cache. Sometimes it takes a little while for your browser to show the latest update, but these methods should do the trick.

Do you ever plan to release a print version of Witchy?
Yep, and it's right here baby!!!!!!

What dimensions do you work in?
I work in A4 (210 x 297 mm) at 300 dpi.

What program do you use?
For the first 15 – 20 pages I was inking traditionally with a dip pen and deleter ink on manga paper. (basically bristol board.) Then for the next 60 – 70 pages I used Photoshop, and now I predominantly use Clip Studio Paint on the iPad Pro.

What about brushes?
When I was working in Photoshop I used Kyle’s rough inking brush. In Clip studio I use a customised basic brush. I have a few customized brushes for lettering either based off the default textured pen or the Rough Yeti brush pack.

Is anyone in Witchy white?
No, no one is white. Hyalin is a melting pot of Asian and Oceanic cultures.

How do you pronounce “Nyneve?”

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