Growing up without a father because of the Witch Burners, Nyneve’s distrust in the Witch Guard alienated her from her classmates. Naturally inquisitive and good at magical theory, Nyneve would be a perfect student if it weren’t for her lackluster magic skills. She just wants to live the life of a quiet academic.

Likes: Reading and testing out small spells, which she writes down in her personal grimoire. Weird snacks, and her mother

Dislikes: The crushing pressure of the system

Age: 18

Smells like: Sandalwood and tears

On a withered branch
a crow has settled—
autumn nightfall.

Likes: Worms, revolution

Dislikes: Oppression, Jung

Age: ???

Smells like: Just a regular bird

Raised in a loving family with a lot of dogs. He and his family live on the same island as Nyneve, but they work on a farm on the nearby mainland. Batu is naturally empathetic, and, being around when her father died, has always been very kind to Nyneve. It’s a bit of a mystery how he came to be friends with Prill.

Likes: Dogs, romance novels

Dislikes: “Dislike is kind of a strong sentiment, don’t you think?”

Age: 18

Smells like: Dogs, earth, and freshly baked bread

Comes from a wealthy clan with anachronistic gender attitudes. Prill has a harsh mother and an ineffectual father who are well-intentioned but ultimately place too much pressure on her. Fiercely loyal to the kingdom, Prill and Nyneve’s wildly opposing views had them butting heads since their first day of school. The star of the class.

Likes: Expensive things, the Witch Guard, being better than everyone

Dislikes: people who don’t love Hyalin, animals (she denies that it’s the other way around)

Age: 18

Smells like: fresh flowers, money

Once an outgoing and rowdy person, Veda withdrew into herself when Jaga was killed. Though everyone she meets is charmed by her, she prefers to potter around the house and run her (much in-demand) apothecary from home. Nothing is more precious to her than Nyneve.

Likes: Summer storms, epic poetry

Dislikes: Cleaning her work equipment, anyone who hurts Nyneve (prill)

Age: 47

Smells like: Clean linen, medicinal herbs, smoke

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