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Posted September 28, 2018 at 7:01 pm
In which there's another goodbye, of sorts It's a double update! click back if you haven't seen the previous page. Hey! So if you're not following me on twitter, you will have noticed that I ended up disappearing for longer than I initially intended, sorry about that! After my scheduled hiatus I got quite sick and was barely able to work for two weeks. Turns out it was bad side-effects from medication I had started which I've now stopped, although it'll take a bit longer for the effects to wear off. Things may still be rocky for the next few weeks/months as I continue to shop around for different medications, but I'm more aware of the early warning signs that something's not meshing with me well now. Hopefully I'll find something that works for me sooner rather than later, so I can pay full attention to Witchy again!
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