Guest Art: Chris Kindred
Posted May 27, 2017 at 6:50 am
This week's guest art is from Chris!! I love this pinup!!! Chris nailed the colours and the composition and Nyneve's scowling face so well!! You might recognise some of Chris' amazing editorial illustrations from around the place, but if not, then go familiarize yourself with his work ASAP! you can check out his work on his tumblr or his twitter!!!! Also, sorry for the late update this week. It was the deadline week of my graduation film and I've been working late and then sleeping when I wasn't working, so I didn't really have space in my head to think about anything else. Our film is finally done now though, so Witchy will be returning soon!!! There'll be another guest page next week, but I'm hoping to bring y'all a fresh Witchy page in the first week of June, so look forward to it!
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