Guest Art: Berg
Posted June 6, 2017 at 7:50 pm
This week's guest art is from Berg!!! Berg did such an amazing job with this piece, the colours are popping off the page!! I also love Nyneve's enormous crying eye... so good. Every piece of Berg's art is so fresh and full of style you should go to his tumblr or his twitter to check out more!! Also, his and Falke's recent short comic Buppo's Quest is available on gumroad right now for $5!! what a steal. This is the last week of guest art!! sorry for the slightly late update, I've been away from home base so I was a little disorganised. I was thinking about posting a new page this week, but I think I'd rather just get back to a regular schedule and at least start up a buffer again, so Witchy will officially be back next Monday!! (That's the 12th) I'm looking forward to it!!
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