Colour Style Change
Posted March 8, 2019 at 11:25 pm
Hey everyone! This has been a while coming, but the way Witchy is coloured will be changing from chapter 6 onward. I'll be adopting a more limited colour palette like in the image above. However, full coloured pages won't completely disappear! I'll still be breaking out the full colour range for pages that I want to make an impact with, so important scenes will look as vibrant as ever. I decided to make this change for a couple of reasons. First and foremost is: Webcomics take a lot of time and energy. If there's anything I can do to remove something in my process that's draining me, with minimal effect on the story of Witchy, I will make that change. Simplifying the way I colour will let me bring Witchy pages to you more consistently and frequently. Secondly, as much as I love the final results of a coloured page, I often feel like I lean too much on the final colours to make my panel compositions readable. Witchy was always meant to be a comic that let me experiment and hone whatever aspect of art I wished to improve in, and while I'm confident in my colours, I'm less confident in my compositions. I think forcing myself to think purely in values and shapes will push me to improve in that area. I know the colours of Witchy are what draw a lot of you in, which is why I'm not removing them completely, but I hope you'll all stick around to see me develop this new style in the years to come!
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